The Kreian Apocalypse (aka The Great Eclipse or The Great Apocalypse) was a continent-wide catastrophe that occured on the continent of Kreio. It is unknown how this apocalyptic catastrophe began, but it occured on December 21, of the first year (12/21/0 or December 21, 0 Y)

The Fall of CivilizationEdit

Every civilization known to Krieo had fallen to the great magnitude of this catastrophe. It took all the inhabitants by surprise. Below you can read about the demise of the greater factions at the time.

The Fall of ZahlEdit

Zahl was a thriving and well growing northern civilization, it was the only north Kreian civilization to ever live. It was recorded that Zahl was first invaded by a large and overwhelming number of ghasts, which were freed from the Nether. Not prepared for an attack like this, the ghasts quickly tore up all of Zahl. The inhabitants of Zahl were forced to dwell underground, where they were raided by the undead. The people of Zahl fled far south, leaving everything they owned behind. They later came across an underground fortification at the land of Kumatae.

The Fall of KumataeEdit

This event was not really recorded, but after the Zahls came in from the north as refugees, the first apocalyptic faction emerged. This faction was known as, Zahlmatae.

The Fall of RiversteadEdit

Riverstead was a humble faction, and during the apocalypse they had a small resistance force against the mobs invading them. This force didn't last long and Riverstead burned to the ground.

The Emergence of Apocalyptic FactionsEdit

There were a number of apocalyptic factions, some stayed for awhile, and some didn't last long at all.

Zahlmatae: The First Apocalyptic FactionEdit

Zahlmatae was the largest (population wise) faction ever known. They lived underneath the ruins of Kumatae, where they were in constant danger and the threat of an invasion was always there. Exrudius, the leader of Kumatae, which formed Zahlmatae, had a short reign until he gave it to Grimbot, who was the leader of Zahl and led his refugees to Kumatae. Grimbot led a dictatorship, his reign was the longest. After a breach from a ghast, the Zahlmatians were forced to move out into the surface. Leadership was again passed to Exrudius, and they dwelled in a few caves before finding a permanent cave to live in. Grimbot later left and ventured west to Riverstead. The remaining people, very low on resources stayed and tried to make a living.

Dread: The Riverstead ResistanceEdit

Small and weak, Dread didn't last long. After ghast raids the town of Riverstead went up in flames. Dread's HQ was in the Marketplace tent, but didn't serve as a base of operations for long. A ghast blew up the tent, and the resistance ended.