Kypros was one of the greatest civilizations ever lived. An ancient civilization, Kypros thrived with only a few inhabitants. Kypros was a peaceful farming community, and yielded more food than any other civilization known.


Kypros was created by the Celds when they moved east into Kypros island and the surrounding regions

Farming CommunityEdit

Kypros had the largest farms, and was the first civilization that had every known food type. The civilization, of course, never fell into starvation. Many Kreians at this time did.

The Kyprosian Golden AgeEdit

At the peak of Kypros' power, farms grew, as well as crop yield, production, the introduction of shaft mining, one of the first walls were built, and the rapid border expansion and deforestation of the region led to fast development of buildings such as homes, warehouses, shops, and trade posts. Kypros at this time was well defended and was considered the super power at the time, possessing many tamed wolves, a small arsenal of TNT as well as an abundance of resources to craft weaponry and armor. Though the golden age could have reached its full height, becoming an economic power as well, the Kyprosians migrated west during the process of creating a trade relation with the neighboring faction, Kumatae.